CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!

When you spend your life documenting love and happiness, how can you not love what you do? And I love weddings. I loved my wedding, and I love my clients' weddings. Weddings consume my Pinterest feed, my magazine rack (you'll find a few cooking and travel ones in there as well!) and a good deal of my conversation.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and my experienced, classic - and affordable - lifestyle wedding photos blend experienced photojournalism (did I mention I'm a former News Limited press photographer?!), with relaxed lifestyle portraiture (and a few dramatically lit shots sprinkled in for good measure). Shooting hybrid, I'll also shoot a roll or two of film to give you some truly special images that only film can capture.

Shooting across Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands (and locally of course!), my all-inclusive wedding packages include two photographers to thoroughly document the key events, as well as all of your high resolution, professionally colour corrected images, presented in a downloadable and shareable gallery. You'll also receive an enlarged framed print or canvas to start your display collection.

My clients laugh lots, love good times, and fill their lives with fun. They love classic, natural images that are bright and airy, looking good today, tomorrow and forever. And if they're anything like me, they also love a good coffee, a well made dessert and a good chat!

Want to know more about my wedding photography? Visit the Contact Us page or email with your wedding date and location and I'll send you all the information you need about my wedding packages.